New Consultants

I want to welcome you into Mary Kay Cosmetics and more specifically, into our unit!!! We have one of the best units in all of Mary Kay and we are excited to add you to our team!!! You are going to be getting your Starter Kit in just a few short days (if you haven’t already) and it will be like Christmas! Lots to open and see and try and also lots to learn. Don’t allow yourself to get overwhelmed by the new terminology and all the decisions you will be making to get your business up and running. If you start to feel that way just step back, take a deep breath, and call your recruiter (there’s some of that new terminology….the one who got your started) or me (your Director) and let us talk you through it. After all, we were once new and felt just like you do right now! One of the great things about Mary Kay is the sisterhood and the fact that it is a safe place to fall down. Mary Kay always said “you fall forward to success!”. You are going to do a lot of things right to build your business and along the way you’ll do a few things wrong and fall down. But your new sisters in Mary Kay will help you. We’ll help you get back up, dust you off, and get you going again! We truly are a team and the better one of us does, the better we all do. We celebrate each others successes and learn from each others failures! It’s not like anything you’ve ever experienced in the “real world”. There’s lots of things you can do to be successful in Mary Kay but there are 3 things that will really make a big difference in your first month and all the months to come. The first is…SHOW UP!!! It’s hard to help you, if you aren’t plugged in to phone calls and meetings! I’m enclosing a current Calendar of Events so you’ll know exactly what’s happening and when! Attend meetings! It is where you get your training, motivation, and recognition! You’ll meet women in Mary Kay who will truly become your best friends! And they’re fun! If you aren’t local it’s especially important you get on the phone calls so you can get to know us and vice-versa!!! But even if you are local, it’s still very important! Secondly, Hold Your Perfect Start!! That’s 5 parties in a 2 week period. You’ll need to book 10 in order to hold 5!!! It will help you learn what and how we do things and when you combine that with the training in your Starter Kit, you will be making money right away!!! I don’t care if you sell a penny – but believe me you will!!! It is to teach you how to do it. Do you remember your first day on your current job? If you’re like most people you were nervous and uncertain of where things were and what was expected of you and could you do it. But after your first day, you were feeling much more confident and after your first week you knew you could do it! The same is true of Mary Kay! Your first 5 parties are just like your first day and week on a new job or in a new school. After you get those 5 parties done, you will feel confident and know you can achieve whatever you want out of this business and you’ll have a core of customers who’ll stick with you! The third thing that will really insure your short term and long term success in Mary Kay is to get 5 of the sharpest women you know on a Leadership training call with me!! This is NOT to recruit them (although some may decide to join your team) it IS to teach you how to share the Mary Kay opportunity!! I encourage you to do these 3 things no matter what!! It is a step by step action plan for your success in Mary Kay. I am your coach and mentor and want your success and will be calling you soon so you can share with me what you want out of Mary Kay! Until then, here’s a “Pink Hug” and a big “Welcome” to go with it!!


Love you heart, soul, and gizzard!


Alicia Lindley-Adkins
Senior National Sales Director


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Snow Camp, NC 27349

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